Play Time : 7 Levels

Sound : Mark Sparling

Gravity Box

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Made withUnity


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Really stylish, but I can't get into it with movement this slow.

I enjoyed this! It's a nice little puzzle box that looks great and feels great to play.

A great game. It lacks more content on PC (Mac, Win, Lin).

movement is too slow in my opinion

Tried to play on Linux (Mint 19, Nvidia graphics). Sound works, and the background color undulates nicely, and I can hear some sound effects in response to my input, but all I can actually see is that background color. There's no menu or anything, just a solid color.

The WebGL version basically works on Linux, though there are no resolution options and it doesn't take up the whole window.

And webGL doesn't save if you launch it from the itch app

This game is flagged as "potentially mailcious" under BitDefender... I'm sure it's fine, but you might want to submit it to their "false positive" page so people can play this offline.

Great game. loved the puzzles. keep em coming.